...or want to watch the replay on Catholic TV with "color commentary" then click below!  It was a time of great praise & prayer as an old friend became, of all things, a Bishop!  Who knew?  Enjoy! http://www.coveritlive.com/index.php?option=com_altcaster&task=siteviewaltcast&altcast_code=8c7a77130b

Looks like it's a good day to ordain a bishop in Indy, eh?  Right after the Apple event @ 1pm EST drop on by here at 2pm for my first ever live blogging event - the Episcopal Ordination of Christopher J. Coyne. Auxiliary Bishop of Indianapolis.  If you've never experienced a Catholic ordination set one browser to www.archindy.org and watch it live.  Then set a browser here and I'll try and explain everything that's happening.  Just so you know, I used to be a cathedral cantor back in the day and participated in many of these - deacon, priest & bishop - so if I don't know all the details at least I know where to look them up quickly!  Stop by later as we celebrate this great day for the Church of Indy and for all of "the Bish's" friends back here in MA/RI.  Ad Multos Annos!

To kick off the new blog AND celebrate a friend's ordination to bishop, I will be live blogging the Episcopal Ordination of Christopher J. Coyne, Auxiliary Bishop of Indianapolis tomorrow, March 2nd, beginning at 2pm EST.  You'll need to have one window of your browser du jour set to www.archindy.org to watch the liturgy and set another window to this blog for commentary.  I will offer both explanations of the ritual and personal insights of the new bishop.  Please join me and join in the discussions that will certainly arise from such a wonderful occasion.  Congratulations to both the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and Bishop Coyne! See you all tomorrow...