Well, this month's installment has our intrepid panel wondering "could it be...SATAN?" Between Google Hangouts dropping the call and Nancy's microphone problems it's a wonder Joanne could cobble the entire thing together and put out a decent episode. We're just thankful there is no video component right now to worry about as well. 

Anyway, this month Steve joined the ladies as they discussed homilies for Pentecost, Trinity Sunday and the Body & Blood of Christ, vestment fashion shows, resorted order and iPhones in ministry. You'll need to listen extra hard for Nancy's insights but they are worth it. Maybe we should take up a "second collection" to get her a new mic? ;)

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We thank you in advance for your feedback and your support of this podcast. We're happy YOU'RE happy we're back and we have lots in store in the coming month. 

See you next month and as always...enjoy!

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AuthorJoanne Mercier