Can you believe it? 


We know...we never really said goodbye and that that's good thing. Your host and moderator, Joanne, has rebooted and restarted the podcast after a much needed hiatus and we think this is a format we can not only work with but build on. We're going MONTHLY (first Monday of every month) and AUDIO ONLY (for the foreseeable future) so we hope all of you can once again grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us every month for some Catholic chat. 

This month, the girls (Joanne, Nancy and Linda) reacquaint themselves with the audience, reveal the new podcast format and discuss celiac disease and how it affects receiving communion. It's a bit of a rough ride (that's pretty normal for us) but a good discussion nonetheless. 

Thanks for keeping us with us and our Facebook page the last nine months because your concern made us think twice about giving up for good. As usual, this podcast is for YOU so please help us by giving us your valuable feedback. Here's how:

  • drop us an email to
  • call us using the feedback line at 774-955-0659 (we still have it and it does work!)
  • jot down your thoughts in the comment box on this website
  • check out our Facebook page and post something or comment there

We look forward to getting back up to speed but please be patient with could be a bit of a bumpy re-entry! And, as always...ENJOY!

AuthorJoanne Mercier