A new video format plus no actual topic for this installment of the podcast equals one heck of a free-for-all episode! It's true we can talk about almost anything and this show proves it! Whether you view it on the new Skype format or listen to it on the good ole reliable audio we're should you'll take away something from our rapid fire ramblings. As always, thanks for being a part of this ongoing online "experiment" and remember -- everyday is a GOOD day to be a Monday Morning Catholic!  Enjoy!

As we discussed on the show, we really need YOUR HELP and SUGGESTIONS for future episode topics. Here's how you can get those ideas and suggestions to us in order to help us:

  • drop us an email to mondaymorningcatholic@gmail.com
  • call us using the feedback line at 774-955-0659
  • jot down your thoughts in the comment box on this website
  • check out our Facebook page and post something or comment there

Save us from ourselves because we can ramble on and on and on... (you get the picture!) Thanks in advance for your help.

AuthorJoanne Mercier