It's all about Catholic Church Music, present and future, in this installment of the podcast. Our panelists were ready, willing and able to talk AT LENGTH about their favorite subject - and, as expected, a lively exchange ensued. Come along as we talk music, Church hopping and changes in Google Hangouts (and we got FEEDBACK too!!!). As always. thanks for being a part of our community and ENJOY!

Honorable Mentions

Linda was fortunate to attend this year's MUSIC MINISTRY ALIVE! institute in Minneapolis and came back with some great stories of her adventures. However, we recommend YOU take a look at this important endeavor that forms and mentors the church musicians of tomorrow and consider sending your talented young musicians next year -- or at least a contribution to help this work continue. Click HERE for more information.

Joanne teased at the beginning of the podcast that we were going to plug a few things Jason's got going right now. Since we didn't get to it then, we will now: Jason, his lovely wife Tiffany and adorable son Alex are expecting to welcome another son and brother into their family come February! We are very happy for them and hope you will join us in praying for a smooth pregnancy and birth. Jay can also be found on his own podcast BRUINS CHAT which is all about the NHL's Boston Bruins - check him out if you're a hockey fan.

AuthorJoanne Mercier