As we wind down the podcast in its current format (next week - Pentecost - will be our last episode in the original form) a bunch of strange tech problems cropped up, leading Joanne to believe she REALLY NEEDS some time off! Be that as it may, Linda and Joanne sat down with beverages and hashed out many topics that made them go overtime (again!). Besides the ever-present homily segment and this VOTP about priests and Mother's Day observances, the two tackled weekday holydays, funeral requirements for Catholics (which will end up being the 1st topic for the new format) and another round of 1st Eucharist hopes and dreams. Get settled in that comfy chair (or car seat) and take a listen/look - enjoy!

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P.S. Congratulations and many blessings to Nancy Smith's daughter and son-in-law on the birth of their second son! Grandma's gonna have lots to do again! ;)

AuthorJoanne Mercier