Sorry for the short post again but it's a little hectic right now in Joanne's real world. Here's a few things to consider after you listen to Nancy and Joanne's spirited conversation on judgement, religious states and postures during Mass:

1) If you have feedback or stories of past homilies/liturgies this would be a great time to share them with us. If we get enough Joanne can piece them together into a podcast that will help keep us current during Holy Week/Triduum. To get them to us you can use the following methods:

  • drop us an email to
  • call us using the feedback line at 774-955-0659
  • jot down your thoughts in the comment box on this website
  • check out our Facebook page and post something or comment there 

2) We WILL let you know both here and on Facebook what and when our podcasts will be available in the next few weeks. Joanne will also try to record a quick blurb to put in the podcast feed if she can. Please pray for us and for all who minister to our parishes during the most scared time of the year - as our friends at CatholicTV would say -- "We do it ALL for YOU!"

Thanks for understanding!

AuthorJoanne Mercier