With the gentlemen of the podcast shoveling out after the first "significant" snowfall of 2016, the ladies of MMC took up a cup and to the airwaves ready to discuss a number of equally significant topics. From hard-to-read feedback and an altar made of snow to the weekend's homilies and a common date for all Christians to celebrate Easter the gals covered it all in style -- and with a few laughs along the way. Grab your own cuppa and a comfy chair to join in on it all -- enjoy!

We've said it many times (well..Joanne does...) that we just LOVE your FEEDBACK and SUGGESTIONS!  Maybe you'd like to share a bit about yourself like John from Wakima and Bernadette from Lakeville have already done - or maybe you just want to share a homily or a topic with the community. If you'd like in on the fun then here's what you need to do:

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AuthorJoanne Mercier