Don't let the title lead you astray! We here at MMC are not frustrated or disgruntled by the intense and sometimes very wordy fourth gospel  but, rather, are quoting one of our homilists that sometimes one needs a shovel to get through the many layers of this singular account of Jesus's life. Rising to the challenge, Linda, Joanne and a late arriving Steve shared their best Wedding at Cana homilies along with this week's VOTP concerning Catholic wedding vows and concluding with a tech demonstration from none other than Linda! Also, we get to know more about one of our regular community members. It's definitely a chock full episode so grab your favorite beverage and a comfy seat and join us. As always, thanks for your support and enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

If you really want to savor and digest the entire homily from Bishop Barron that Joanne shared this week then mosey over to  and check out not only his sermons but his new podcast.

Steve shared with us that his parish handed out copies of Matthew Kelly's new book REDISCOVERING JESUS for Christmas. If you want to know more about this latest offering of his or anything else he has available then check out his website

AuthorJoanne Mercier