Another week, another off-the-wall podcast in store for our little MMC community. Joanne thought everyone was in this week but with one off to the land of the Mouse (Steve) and someone else having technical difficulties and arriving a bit late (Nancy) we still managed to talk waaaaay over our self-imposed 1 hour limit (right, Linda?). Make yourself really comfortable and get a little snack to go with that drink - at least we made this episode interesting! As always, enjoy!

There are THREE MORE episodes to go as we test our new feature VOICE OF THE PEOPLE! Here's how it works:

  • Each week, besides our regular feedback and homily segments, you will help us choose another topic for our weekly discussion
  • Be sure you are following us on Facebook by liking our page --
  • Every week between episodes we will post links to stories and topics of interest to you and us
  • "Like", comment on or share the ones YOU think we should tackle by Saturday morning and we'll choose ONE for the next episode.

It's really looking like we'll be keeping this feature and YOU are to thank for making it a success. If there are any articles out there you might like to share with us, post them in the Visitors Post section (left side of the page under the Video section) and we'll make sure they get posted to the main feed for others to see. Let's get a great exchange of ideas going!

Honorable Mentions

If you want tickets to the "ONCE IN A BLUE MOON" benefit concert featuring David Haas, Marty Haugen and Fr. Michael Joncas to be held on 10/16/15 at St. Gregory the Great Church in Warwick, RI then reserve them TODAY by sending an email to Our friend George Mancini will take good care of you.

If you care to read an "unofficial" English translation of Pope Francis' Moto Proprios regarding changes in the Annulment process then check it out here

If you haven't seen it, go over to the Apple Website and watch the September event keynote. Great new stuff coming that can really help your ministry! Or just be a Catholic geek and download the 2 new apps from the Apple App store that will help make the Pope's visit a little more special --> the USCCB's CATHOLIC CHURCH app and the POPEMOJI app. The latter is also available in the Google Play store. 

AuthorJoanne Mercier