She's BAAAAACK! Linda returns from her transcontinental trip with stories, great memories...and a splint on her ARM????!!!! You've got to tune in to hear how she did this and how Joanne jumped into action to give her a hand at the parish. Oh...and they do get to discuss yet another week of "bread" homilies along with this week's VOICE OF THE PEOPLE segment about children in church. Grab a frothy cold one and come along for the ride -- which goes into OVERdrive this week -- Enjoy!

The experiment continues! Until Episode 090 we will listen and respond to the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE on issues YOU want discussed on the podcast. This is how it works:

  • Each week, besides our regular feedback and homily segments, you will help us choose another topic for our weekly discussion
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  • Every week between episodes we will post links to stories and topics of interest to you and us
  • "Like", comment on or share the ones YOU think we should tackle by Saturday morning and we'll choose ONE for the next episode.

We're enjoying your selections so far - keep up the good work!

Honorable Mentions

Since both our homilies were short this week, why not go check out one by our good friend the Concord Pastor (Fr. Austin Fleming) at A CONCORD PASTOR COMMENTS

If you're in New England and would love to hear the "Minnesota 3" (Haas, Haugen, Joncas) in a benefit concert for MUSIC MINISTRY ALIVE then check out this informational flyer and, if you have more questions, contact our fair Linda at 

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