NOTE - There will NOT be a podcast episode next week...BUT we do have a few specials to share with you in the meantime so be on the lookout for them. See you all back here LIVE on 7/20!

Being a prophet is not all it's cracked up to be - just look at Ezekiel, Paul of Tarsus and Jesus. Yet, this week's podcast has Joanne, Steve and Linda presenting homilies from their respective corners of the kingdom that address this issue -- in some cases, within the context of our living in out in our American society. Don't worry, they DO get into some lighter topics such as Catholics on TV, the annual musicians convention (NPM - Grand Rapids, MI) and a slightly new format for the next 10 episodes. Sit back with a cold one on your porch swing and come on along! Thanks for listening/watching and, as always, ENJOY!

While we always LOVE your feedback we are going to be trying a NEW WAY to get our listeners and views to be more interactive with us. While Joanne does explain this in the episode we'll still spell it out here for your convenience:

  • Each week, besides our regular feedback and homily segments, you will help us choose another topic for our discussion
  • Make sure you are following us on Facebook by liking our page
  • All week between episodes we will post links to stories and topics of interest to you and us
  • "Like: or comment on the ones you think we should tackle by each Saturday night and we'll choose ONE for the next episode.

SIMPLE? We hope so. We'll use this format for podcast episodes 080 through 089 and then reevaluate. Can you help us with this? We'd like to get you all more involved so let's give it a try!

Honorable Mentions

Our "roving reporter" and friend-of-the-podcasat JASON HERVIEUX will be on location this week at the National Association of Pastoral Musicians convention in Grand Rapids, MI. As we did last year, he will be tracking down for us some of the major presenters and chatting with them about their ministries. He will also be video blogging on his own YouTube channel about all his convention experiences so you might want to follow him all week for his perspective on this week's gathering. If you happen to be at NPM and see Jason be sure to say HI to him and maybe he'll get you on video for us!

If you REALLY couldn't get to the convention this year like many of us, you can still follow along and even get some of their handouts by going to the following sites:

  • The NPM Website will direct you to the convention pages where you can find all kinds of goodies
  • The always amusing and informative blog PRAYTELL appears to be doing a majority of the live stream "heavy lifting" for the convention. Bookmark their site for all the dates and times they will be LIVE this week (and tell them we sent you!). We'll definitely be watching THEM...

As we spoke about on the podcast, The JIM GAFFIGAN SHOW is premiering on TVLAND this coming July 15th but if you want to check out the 1st 2 episodes ahead of time you can find them HULU - if you hurry. Don't be surprise if they pull them right before their official launch date. It looks like a great family show that Catholics...and everyone else...can enjoy.

AuthorJoanne Mercier