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It's been a wild week in the Catholic world and the Ladies of MMC get a chance to discuss some of it, thanks to the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. Besides our regular unpacking of last weekend's homilies, we talk about the announcement of Bishop-elect Robert Barron's move to Los Angeles and the number one topic YOU wanted to hear about: CATHOLIC FUNERAL TRIBULATIONS! Position that comfy chair close to the nearest fan and grab a cold one as we attempt to make some sense of it all once again -- enjoy! 

P.S. -- anyone recognize where we might have gotten the idea for this week's episode title? Hint: think 1960's Si-Fi...

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I (Joanne) wonder what we'll be talking about with our special guests next week? Stay tuned and thank for being a big part of our discussions on the podcast.

Honorable Mentions:

Here is a partial list of Catholic clergy who record and post their homilies online each week - if you know of any others you think we should pass along then please let us know!

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