Joanne's back! Linda's back! Nancy's back! Steve...well...hopefully we'll see him next week...but Jason Hervieux joins us this week with his glowing report from the NPM Annual Convention! Lots to say (yes, we went WAAAAAAY over), lots to share and maybe lots more of you will help us with our discussions on the podcast. Don't worry -- we'll always talk about the previous weekend's homilies but we do try to get to YOUR feedback along with a few other topics. This week we hear about Linda's week with other liturgical musicians at Notre Dame, a patriotic homily from Nancy's pastor who recently became an American citizen and Joanne introduces a new segment entitiled "Voice of the People." Grab a cold one and join us as you sit by the air conditioner (especially if you're in the Nor'east) Enjoy!

For episodes 081 to 090 we will listen to the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE so this is how it will work:

  • Each week, besides our regular feedback and homily segments, you will help us choose another topic for our discussion
  • Be sure you are following us on Facebook by liking our page
  • Every week between episodes we will post links to stories and topics of interest to you and us
  • "Like" or comment on the ones YOU think we should tackle by Saturday morning and we'll choose ONE for the next episode.

When the experiment is over we will either keep the format (if it's working) or go back to the drawing board (if it's not). We really want our viewers and listeners to tell us what they are interested in so we can better serve them. Let's give it a try, OK - and bring a friend along for the ride as well!

Honorable Mentions

Rory Cooney's blog entry Funerals and Funeral Music - Church, we have a story to tell! can be found on his insightful and entertaining blog GENTLE REIGN  

Eye of the Tiber is a satirical Catholic website with a touch of irony that most of the time can be incredibly funny. Check them out because God knows we Catholics need to laugh at ourselves now and then. 

Both the Concord Pastor and Word on Fire's Fr. Barron preached homilies that focuses on the Jeremiah reading along with the gospel. Check them out for another point of view.

3 Books to add to your reading lists

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