Let me apologize AGAIN for goofing up on the episode numbers for the specials - I can't seen to keep track of them correctly. You can blame my old, addled brain, another multitasking fail or being on vacation but I've always said "the points (or numbers) don't matter!" Our collective thanks to JASON HERVIEUX (and his able cameraman Silvio Cuellar) for getting us a couple of interviews at the NPM Convention in Grand Rapids, MI. Jason will join us on Episode 080 next week to share his experiences. Until then, please pour yourself a cold one and listen/watch his interviews with composer JAIME CORTEZ and app developer PETER BROCKMANN from DIGITAL HERMOSA...along with my commentary on live streaming these events. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions

JAIME CORTEZ is a popular Hispanic composer, performer and speaker whose work is published by OCP. You've probably sung his song RAIN DOWN multiple times during Sprinkling RItes at Mass. Go check him out!

PETER BROCKMANN is chief technical madman (and one hell of a church musician) over at DIGITAL HERMOSA and creator of the NPM Convention program app as well as the NEW NPM Chapters app. If you're looking for an iOS app to help your parish or apostolate he might be able to help you help others.

Many, many thanks to the always delightful PRAYTELL Blog for once again live streaming the main plenum talks and putting together some great panel discussions. Go over to their site and watch for yourself (and let them know you want them to continue this good work next year).

AuthorJoanne Mercier