It's been an usually crazy few weeks for the MMC gang so the ladies decided to play "catch up" and get to a few topics that have been left on the "back burners" all month. And the homilies? Well, let's just say they went far and wide to find some because of circumstances beyond their control (even one of their usual "go to" priests forgot to press the record button this weekend -- could it be...?) So, besides their usual "breaking open" of the Word and words, the Ladies of MMC manage to FINALLY talk about Pope Francis' latest encyclical (thanks to Linda), Joanne's recent appearance on Internet Radio (with Allison Gingras) and a possible change in the date of Easter (say WHAT!?). Get comfy with your favorite brew and join us for all the fun - enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

Our homilies came from far and near this week through no fault of our own. The first two are direct links to what you heard us discuss and the last two are places where you can hear other takes on this week's readings:

Once again we thank Allison Gingras for letting Joanne talk for AN HOUR (!) about our little podcast. You can find her at A SEEKING HEART WITH ALLISON GINGRAS every day on REAL LIFE RADIO and also at her website RECONCILED TO YOU

The song that Linda was referring to that ties in with this week's scripture is called I Am Waiting For This Jesus from Marty Haugen's cantata/musical entitled THE SONG OF MARK. You can check it out here.

If you're like to read the encyclical LAUDATO SI' for yourself then go here for a PDF download. The USCCB has also provided a discussion guide for those who want to share it with others in a larger setting. But if you're pressed for time then check out Commonweal's Ten Quick Takeaways as Linda did for us on the episode. This is an important piece of work that we all should become familiar with.

AuthorJoanne Mercier