We went LIVE again this week and, as promised, your MMC crew let loose on a lot of different and timely topics -- yet had to once again shelve some we've been trying to get to the last few weeks but always seem to run out of time before we can (sorry, Allison!). We did get to address the "storm on the Galilee" homilies this week (with a Father's Day twist) and also managed to not get too overheated discussing the church attire kerfuffle -- while even getting in a quick lesson on a new app that can help you send your feedback to us! Grab a seat on your comfy couch and "get ready to rumble" (in perfect Christian charity, that is!). Enjoy and thanks for sharing your time with us.

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Honorable Mentions

Linda mentioned that the version of Psalm 107 that she used this week was from a new collection by Tony Alonso & Mary Haugen entitled The Lyric Psalter - which contains psalm settings for all 3 liturgical cycles. If you are looking for additional psalmody this might be worth a look. 

If you're not listening to Allison Gingras' daily show on Real Life Radio aptly named A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras why not??? She talks books, social media, and a whole lot MORE from a decidedly Catholic perspective. Check her out here and let her know that we sent you! 

AuthorJoanne Mercier