Let us begin with a pro tip for podcasters - NEVER record an episode during a full moon! (un)Fortunately that's what Linda and Joanne did for this week's installment and you'll be able to tell by how much time we spend off the rails! The dynamic duo did get around to discussing the scriptures and homilies of the day (Joanne had one thanks to Bernadette's notes!) but they also opened a can of worms (as Linda is great at doing) on such topics as the restored order of the Initiation Sacraments, limos and other trappings at 1st Communions and the unveiling of Joanne's new Apple Watch! Throw in Joanne's recalling of her crazy bad week topped by an ER adventure and you have one heck of a episode. Get an extra shot of espresso in your favorite drink and come along for the ride - yikes! (and enjoy!)

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Honorable Mentions:

If you'd like to read a real intelligent and informative post on the reasons why we need to restore the proper order to the Sacraments of Initiation then check out Billy Kangas' thoughts on the Patheos website. Maybe sharing it with your Bishop might also be in order...just a suggestion... ;)

If you're still in a liturgical mood after that, check out PrayTell's entry on What's Broken with the Church's Liturgy by Msgr. M. Francis Mannion.  MMC's own Linda Reid shares her thoughts in the comment box (and see, we leave feedback as well!).

Remember - after listening or watching our podcast, check out thoughts on next week's readings over at Hearing the Word brought to you each week by Pat Reid, Linda's husband.

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