The Chatty Twosome was at it again this week, sidestepping many a heresy while discussing the triptych of Trinity Sunday homilies they presented this week. While the ladies let Donall and Conall's encounter with St. Patrick do all the trinitarian "heavy lifting" they did get to talk about messy Masses, the iPhone text bug and a special hymn festival that will bring the gals back tonight (6/1) for a special hangout (keep tabs on our Facebook page for more details). Grab a cold one and get ready for your weekly dose of Catholic info and fun - enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

We included Fr. Cory's Sticha's homily for Trinity Sunday at the end of our audio version of the episode (sorry, viewers) and we'll continue to do that when we don't have many of our own homilies to share. If you want to listen to his offerings every week you can find them on his website.

The folks at TheLutheranSatire channel on YouTube are a very funny lot - but their sometimes irreverent humor is not for everyone. If you like that type of theo-babble or funny liturgical banter then go take a look at the other creative videos they have served up...but don't say we didn't warn you...

Joanne walks us through how to protect your iPhone from that pesky text bug that shuts down your phone if you open it - hopefully it will save you some grief. BUT if you should get it anyway then check out 9to5Mac's article on what to do to get rid of it for good. Then watch for Apple's fix in your software update app within the next week or two. 

AuthorJoanne Mercier