It's okay for the gang to leave Joanne all by herself from time to time because it gives her a chance to invite her other friends (in low places) to drop on by the podcast for a different take on things. After catching up on what Allison Gingras has been doing lately (like her great daily radio show A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras on Real Life Radio) the gals get down to business with not ONE but TWO sets of readings and homilies for this divided weekend here in the US. They also took some time to check out what to do and not do during Mass, received some feedback from down south and got to actually LISTEN to a homily from one of our local pastors! Grab a healthy cup of Paschal joy (while you still can) and join us! Enjoy!

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Many thanks to Earl from New Orleans for this week's insight! Who's next? We'll be waiting...

Honorable Mentions

Allison has a lot of things going at present (busy gal!). Here's where you can find some of what she's doing these days:

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