Yes, friends, the dynamic duo was on tap again this week to continue spreading Paschal Joy as the Easter Season begins to wind down (remember, SOME of us have a Holyday of Obligation on Thursday!). Linda and Joanne chose to share their homilies for the 6th Sunday of Easter and then tackled such topics as who to bless on Mother's Day, why young adults are really NOT looking for a "cool" church and why deflated footballs should NOT be leading the 6pm news! Grab a cold one -- unless you're in Colorado shoveling out from the spring snowstorm -- and join us for one of our more spirited podcasts to date!

One thing that made this episode really POP was all the FEEDBACK we received! Thanks so much for giving us topics to chew on and lending your voice to all the Monday Morning fun. We'd love to hear from more of our listeners and viewers and here's how you can get those thoughts and opinions to us:

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Thanks again to Beth Anne, Tiffany and John for helping us out this week. So...who's next? ;)

AuthorJoanne Mercier