CHRIST IS RISEN! And we are dead...tired, that is!  ;)

Recorded before the four of us embarked on Triduum 2015, the MMC panel sat down and talked about the sacred three days and what they mean, personally and in the eyes of the Church. Please be advised that this episode is longer than the average podcast so it may take a sitting or two to view the entire proceedings. However, for those of you who listen to our audio version we have already split the episode into two parts below. No matter how you take in out show, grab whatever chocolate is left in the Easter basket and get ready for a walk down Triduum lane -- enjoy and a Blessed Easter season to you and yours from all of us at Monday Morning Catholic.

PS - if you want to hear an exceptional Easter homily, please go over to the Concord Pastor's blog.  

AuthorJoanne Mercier