With the entire panel back in rare form, the MMC crew takes on the Good Shepherd Sunday scriptures, homilies and music with their usual mix of knowledge, reverence and humor --> until they go off the rails, that is! They also talk about Confirmation & 1st Communion rituals, parish calendar planning and they actually get serious when answering the question "Why I Am Still Catholic?" Curl up in your favorite comfy chair and find out what their answers were and MORE on this week's installment.

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Honorable Mentions

Steve shared with us that one of his homilists mentioned St. Nicholas Owen in his homily. You can find some information on this no-so-well-known English saint here. He also referenced an old BBC show that many of you many not be familiar with - The Vicar of Dibley. If you're into English humor then you can check out where to find it here.

A posting on the website Catholic365 lead all of us to answer the question "Why Am I Still Catholic?" You can read the original posting here and, if you are so moved, you can add your answer to on our Facebook page.

AuthorJoanne Mercier