It's STILL Easter, folks, and no matter how you refer to the 2nd Sunday of Easter our intrepid and undaunted panelists are ready to break it all down for YOU! Each armed with their own homily, they chat about doubters, the quality of mercy and why Easter flowers never seem to make it to Pentecost. Plus they have plenty of feedback for the first time EVER to have a great discussion on programs for small groups and Triduum in other parts of the country! Grab some left over Easter candy and join us for fun, facts and faith! Enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

Here are some of the suggestions we had for Lily and her small faith group that you might want to make use of for yourself or your parish:

  1. Fr. Robert Baron's CATHOLICISM & The New Evangelization
  2. Ascension Press' THE BIBLE TIMELINE
  3. Renew International's WHY CATHOLIC?
AuthorJoanne Mercier