They're baaaaaaccckkk...well...only Linda, God bless her...but at least she was able to join Joanne this week as they tried to tackle not just ONE cycle of reading but TWO cycles for those who are celebrating the Scrutinies with their RCIA elect. They also get around to talking about online Catholic high schools, the 50th anniversary of the vernacular in the Liturgy and how they're not particularly fond of Daylight Saving Time changes. Grab a strong cup of something to keep yourself awake (not that we're boring, just tired) and join us once again!

Honorable Mentions

This week's Lenten Common Psalms are brought to you by Fr. Francis O'Brien - whose composition MERCY, O GOD is our show opening through Lent:

It's getting to be a frequent thing that Joanne calls out Greg Willits from The Catholics Next Door podcast - but that's because she not only likes his and Jennifer's work but loves to needle Greg (even if he doesn't listen to other podcasts...). Go check them out and please give a listen to Episodes 076 & 077 - they could be life changing (just ask Joanne sometime). 

While NPM Providence's WinterSing was half snowed out last week, Linda mentioned they were going to present a few old/new pieces by one of our favorite RI composers Tom Kendzia. His PIETÀ is not a new composition but one that is beloved by many in our area. Check it out along with Tom's other works at OCP.

AuthorJoanne Mercier