...and because Joanne was not thinking straight from being sick again there are small gaps in both the audio and video versions of this podcast. We apologize for this glitch but are confident you didn't REALLY want to hear Joanne cough as much as she did when she and Linda tried to discuss the weekly homilies, along with the importance of the RCIA process (especially for Children), the state of Parish Faith Formation today and if Joanne will be sporting an Apple Watch in the next few weeks. Take a spoonful of your best cough syrup, wash it down with your favorite beverage and get ready for another chat with Linda and Joanne! Enjoy!

***Note: We're skipping the Honorable Mentions this week because Joanne's not feeling well enough to do her usual thorough research. She appreciates your understanding and could use a few prayers to get rid of this crud. Thanks!

AuthorJoanne Mercier