As we reach the halfway point in Lent 2015 the dynamic duo of Linda and Joanne get their "rose on" for another rousing edition of the podcast. Once again with only one homily between them, the gals do find some other common ground discussing Rhode Island's distinction as the most Catholic state in the US, a new Holy Year coming in 2016 and lonely confessionals. Grab a drink that's pink, find a comfy spot and settle in for another informative and humorous (we hope!) podcast. Enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

This week we take a look at 3 different versions of Psalm 51 (yeah, we said on the podcast it would be just Rory Cooney but we changed our minds). Each is different and stunning it their own way:

We are also including a version of Psalm 137, even though it only occurs once every 3 years, because it comes highly recommended:

  • Psalm 137: Let My Tongue Be Silenced -- Jeanne Cotter
AuthorJoanne Mercier