Snow, snow and MORE snow! We're sick of it here in Southern New England but our hearty panel is never sick of getting together and sharing the homilies, scriptures and funny stories they encounter each week at Mass. This week is certainly no exception as the MMC gang tackles such topics as the biblical manic depressive Job, priests that almost don't show up for Mass and those darn Altar Server wars again! Grab a steaming hot cup of whatever and join us - maybe we can all forget what going on outside for a bit! Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions

The #shareJesus project is something not just for us to take in this Lent but to give away as well. Sign up on their website and share the videos you receive on all your social media platforms. Maybe we can even get it to trend! 

The Diocese of Providence will also be sharing reflections through the Lenten season but we're not sure how at this time. Check back with us next week and we should have some information to pass along.

Again, why are you not listening to The Catholics Next Door podcast? Greg and Jennifer Willits are funny, inspiring and real. Go check them out and tell them Joanne from RI sent you (well...maybe you shouldn't...) ;)

Finally, Angela Selana's blog is both inspiring and delightful. She is a young married Catholic woman with a uniquely realistic view on the world. It would be worth giving her a read. 

AuthorJoanne Mercier