A RARE Sunday morning recording of MMC brought about by yet ANOTHER SNOWSTORM in Southern New England. The entire panel stayed in their PJ's and waxed on about the over abundance of the white stuff that has hit their area, along with what homilies they DID hear at the Saturday Vigils or Sunday TV Masses and "appropriate" music for liturgy (your mileage may vary and it probably will). Pull up a comfy chair, grab a hot cup of something and join in on an extended version (meaning we ran overtime) of this lively podcast. Enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

Rory Cooney's lovely version of Psalm 32 - I Turn to You - is something to consider the next time this psalm comes around in the scripture cycle. It's part of the Psalm for the Church Year Volume 4 collection from GIA.

Here's a short list of convention, seminars and workshops coming up for those in Catholic Church ministry:

We'll add more dates and topics as we get them.

AuthorJoanne Mercier