The gals and Jason gather again this week to continue the Advent journey and there is no shortage of topics to discuss (which is why the podcast went 15 minutes over). From three very different yet engaging homilies, to Tim Tebow's love life and then a quick review of the movie SPOTLIGHT, this last episode of the double digits covers a lot of ground. So pull up a comfy chair, break out your favorite beverage and join us. Thanks for your continued support and, as always, enjoy!

Honorable Mentions

Nancy was inquiring about a liturgical calendar that could be integrated into Mac's iCal and Joanne, the Techmaven, told her she had one but couldn't quite remember where she found it last year. Well, after a little searching, she located it at the UNIVERSALIS website and it's available for both iCal and Google Calendar for FREE! The easy to follow directions can be found at and don't worry if it seems these intructions look out of date - Joanne was able to download this year's calendar with no problem. It's a great way to integrate the church's dates with your own. 

AuthorJoanne Mercier