Well, it took us an extra week to make this happen but -- TADA! -- it's finally here! The 100th installment of the Monday Morning Catholic Podcast is ready for YOU...well, sort of. You see, the crew was so chatty we talked for almost TWO HOURS and since we wanted to be mindful of our community's shorter attention span during the Christmas holidays, we decided to "divide and conquer" by splitting the show in half and releasing it over 2 weeks. This also gives the crew some well deserved time off so it works out for everyone! We hope you enjoy the "Podaversary" and we thank you once again for listening/watching our little contribution to the New Evangelization. 

Speaking of watching...Joanne apologizes profusely for having a little problem with the video for this episode. She promises in the future NOT to delete ANYTHING from YouTube before she is ABSOLUTELY SURE she has it safely in her computer. =)


AuthorJoanne Mercier