All three ladies were back into the swing of things this week while the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE once again came up with a doozie of a topic for the gals to tackle. Thank goodness they were also able to discuss some timely homilies for the end of the B Cycle Liturgical Year, the proper names of our seasonal feasts and a timely recipe from Linda. Grab a cup of something and join us for a pre-Thanksgiving gab fest - enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

ALETEIA bills itself as a "Worldwide Catholic Network Sharing Faith Resources for those Seeking the Truth." A lot of the Catholic writers featured at Patheos have moved to this space and as of 11/22 they have also launched at music component named CECELIA (the Soul of Music). The site looks promising - let us know what you think of it. P.S. - You'll find Deacon Greg Kandra writing there now.


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