The Solemnity of All Saints brings the entire MMC crew back together (yea!) for a very rousing and spirited discussion this week. Through some feedback into the mix (email AND audio!) along with some spirited homilies and this week's VOICE OF THE PEOPLE choice (thanks a LOT Facebook friends!) and they find it very hard to cram everything into 1 hour's time. Grab some hot cider, curl up on your comfy couch and hang on for the ride. As always -- enjoy!

We really appreciate all our viewers and listeners and are extremely grateful when they send in feedback. As our 100th episode approaches we'd really like to present someone special so we need your help. Tiffany from Buffalo gave us a few ideas and we'd like yours as well. Here's how you can get those suggestion to us:

  • drop an email to
  • call us using the feedback line at 774-955-0659
  • jot down your thoughts in the comment box on this website
  • check out our Facebook page and post something or comment there 

As it stands now our 100th episode is scheduled for Monday, December 14th so please get these ideas into us as soon as you can because we may record this one in advance. Again, thank you so much for being a part of our community and, if you please, tell your friends about us so they can check us out as well. 

AuthorJoanne Mercier