It's a very special episode this week as Joanne welcomes an old friend to the podcast -- Bishop Chris Coyne (Diocese of Burlington, VT) stops by to talk about all things Pope Francis as he shares some behind the scenes stories from the Pope's visit to America. It was really a special treat for us and we hope you find his insights enjoyable and entertaining. Joanne does get a chance to also talk about the weekend's homilies as well as waxing liturgical about her Sunday morning experience (which she could do since the other were away!). Grab a hot cup of Dunkin' (the Bish's favorite brew) and sit back for a "something (almost) completely different." Enjoy!

By the way, as Joanne said in the podcast, this week's video version did not make it through the final edit (could it be...SATAN?) so we only (and luckily) have the audio version available. We apologize to our viewers and promise to return to both formats next week. 

Honorable Mentions

Want to see what Bishop Chris is up to in his home diocese? Then mosey on over to the Diocese of Burlington's website and check it out. The Bish also has his own website so drop by there as well.

Finally, the new app from the USCCB -- The Catholic Church app -- was a huge success during the papal visit and will now begin to expand its offering to include all parishes and dioceses that want to share their information through this platform. Download your copy today and watch it's content grow in the week's and months to come.

AuthorJoanne Mercier