Most of us can see (clearly or not) but some of us don't really have VISION. Jesus' healing of Bartimaeus in this week's Gospel helps us to see what true vision does. Grab a cup and join Linda, Nancy & Joanne as they talk about this week's scriptures as well as revisit last week through some feedback (yea!), talk tech tips for parents and find out why friend-of-the-podcast Allison Gingras' neighbors think she's nuts! As always -- enjoy!

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Honorable Mentions

Deacon Greg Kandra's Homily for the 30 Sunday of Ordinary Time was featured on our podcast this week. You can read it for yourself or enjoy some of his other offerings at this Patheos blog. 

Allison Gingras is writing a LOT these days - check her out at her Reconciled to You Ministries page. However, you can find the article we discussed on the podcast at New Evangelizers, an equally worthy website.

NetSmartz is a great website for parents and children alike when trying to understand the dangers of technology gone wrong. Joanne uses these as a basis for some of her tech talks and wanted to spread the good news about them. Give them a look when you can. 

AuthorJoanne Mercier