If it when wrong or sounded crazy it happened during our podcast recording this week. With Joanne "under the weather" and the addition of our guest crew member Jason Hervieux sitting in for a wedding playing Steve the episode sorta took on a life of its own (in more ways than one!). While our homily segment was full and robust (4 different homilies!) the gang did manage to get in a review of the concert they've been talking about for the last few months as well as addressing a very interesting VOICE OF THE PEOPLE topic. Tune in to find out how it finally came together in the end...or did it? Grab a strong one and enjoy!

Note - Joanne here: I apologize for the sound quality on the video this week. Something seems to be over modulating in the hangout because the audio version is not as bad. I will figure out the problem and try to correct it for next week. Technology is great...when it works! 

AuthorJoanne Mercier