Well, Linda and Joanne went LIVE this morning - throwing both prudence and wisdom out the window - but because they are NEVER at a loss for something to talk about everything went as usual. The VOICE OF THE PEOPLE segment is now a regular part of the podcast, taking its place beside the homilies we come to hear about and anything else we can think of -- like an update on Vermont's virtual Catholic high school. Grab a hot or cold one (depending on where you are in the world) and join us (warning - we talk a LOT about the concert that's coming up on Friday night!). Enjoy!

What concert, you say? Well, here's our handy flyer that has all the info:

You can still send for tickets or just buy them at the door. If you're in our area this is one concert you don't want to miss!!!

Honorable Mentions

Again, if you are not following and gaining wisdom from the Concord Pastor, then be prudent and do so! You won't be sorry!

The resource Linda is using to discover new psalm settings is called CRY OUT WITH JOY and is available from GIA for all 3 liturgical cycles along with Feasts and Seasons. Give it a lookover.

Joanne's tried-and-true psalm resource is Michel Guimont's LECTIONARY PSALMS also available from GIA. Both can be purchased through the HYMNAL app if you prefer. 

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