Well, Joanne has returned from the Northern Kingdom of Vermont after a whirlwind 34 hour trek with many stories to tell. She couldn't include everything in the podcast or it would have run over 2 hours (and not even her best friends can listen to her for that long!). Not only is there the usual audio and video podcast on the website this week but assorted pictures and video Joanne took herself (she had promised audio of both homilies but they did not come out well - sorry).  Grab a cup or two, sit back and enjoy some of the festivities surrounding the installation of the 10th Bishop of Burlington, VT - the Most Reverend Christopher James Coyne.

Honorable Mentions

Where you can find "the Bish" on the Interwebz

  • bishopcoyne.com (use /installation to go directly to videos from the installation, programs, info and pictures)
  • #VTBishop - the hashtag on Twitter and Facebook with lots of information and pictures of the events
  • @bishopcoyne - the Bish's twitter handle
  • The Bishop on Facebook
  • vermontcatholic.org - official website of the Diocese of Burlington, VT

I take terrible selfies...sorry... :( If his came out better and I can get a copy I will definitely share it. 

AuthorJoanne Mercier