Given the fact that we won't be producing a regular weekly podcast next week, and due to the fact that I will be stuck in my home for a least 48 hours I thought I'd put the time to good use and show you a good old fashioned New England Blizzard as it happens. I'll also be waiting out this storm in hopes of leaving sometime on Wednesday to attend the installation of my friend Bishop Chris Coyne (aka "The Bish") as the 10th Bishop of Burlington, VT. Hopefully it will be fun for you and keep me from going crazy at the same time. ;)

With any luck and LOTS of prayer I hope to chronicle in person all the goings on surrounding Bishop Chris' installation. I'll compile whatever I film or record into one or two segments and post them over the weekend. The weather forecasts are calling for more snow this Friday both at home and in Vermont so that's why my travel plans are on hold. I'm all in as long as God and the weather cooperate but I will be disappointed if I can't make the trip. 

However, in the event I don't make it to Burlington this week I am seriously considering, as long as my power does not get knocked out, holding two Google+ Hangouts around the installation rituals. The first would be Wednesday night beginning at 6:30pm to watch and explain the ritual of the taking of the Cathedral by the new Bishop and then again on Thursday beginning at 1:30pm for the actual Installation Mass. I'll keep everyone informed here and on our Facebook page and if you're stuck like me you might just enjoy a little liturgical diversion. 

Stay tuned - this is gonna be interesting - and stay safe if you're in the path of this mess! Ciao for now!

AuthorJoanne Mercier