The whole panel is back again this week as they await a "potentially historic snowfall" and Joanne worries that the weather will cancel her plans to attend the installation of the new Bishop of Burlington, Vermont. Such first world problems for our intrepid group! They do get around to discussing the homilies of the week, however, along with all sorts of liturgical angst, whether or not they should consider a spin-off podcast show and sharing a little autotune from Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines. Grab a cup of something hot and join us before we batten down the hatches and brace for whatever Mother Nature has in store of us this time! Enjoy (and send a prayer our way so everyone stays safe)!

***Note: Due to the Patriots being in this year's Super Bowl (no deflating jokes, please!), we will NOT be recording a podcast next week so everyone can enjoy being with friends and family for the event. If Joanne makes it to Vermont for the Installation she will put together a show with recordings and video from her trip. We'll keep you informed both here and on our Facebook page. Thanks for understanding and GO PATS!  

Honorable Mentions

Both EWTN and CatholicTV will be broadcasting the Installation Mass of Burlington's new Ordinary, Bishop Christopher J. Coyne on Thursday, January 29th beginning at 2pm.. CatholicTV will also broadcast Bishop Coyne's claiming of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Wednesday evening, January 28th beginning at 7pm. Should Joanne not make it to Vermont due to the bad weather, she will host a Google Hangout (power permitting) during one or both of these liturgies. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates. You can stay up to date on all of the Bish's activities by checking out his website. 

If you were watching our video feed you say a bit of an autotune that was created by Fr. Daryl Millette, aka Saskapriest (because he's from Saskatoon in Canada). You can find this crazy video at his website and if you are sports minded you can also catch his podcast THE SPORTS FATHERS. 

There as a LOT of liturgical angst going on this week on the interwebz. Instead of linking to all the stories separately, just go over to our Facebook page and scroll through them. We'd love your comments so please feel free to leave some -- and let us know if we should create a new podcast just for all the RITE stuff. ;)

AuthorJoanne Mercier