***Edited 1/20/2015

Well, it was a long Advent/Christmas season without the only male panelist but this week Steve Romano returns to the podcast ready and raring to mix it up with the ladies (and we're VERY glad he's back!). After a little catch up to find out what Steve had been doing all these weeks, the panel settles down - sort of - to listen to their very first voice feedback that we've been allowed to play for you all (thanks, Tiffany!). Then, we get to discussing being called to "come and see," checking out the Pope's trip to the Philippines and hearing about a Mass slip up that happened to our own Linda. Grab that favorite beverage, fasten your seatbelt and come along for the ride - enjoy!

***Note: Joanne had a "hot" mic this week on the audio only version of this episode so we apologize in advance. That happens sometimes and we'll be sure to fix it for next week. 

Honorable Mentions

Most folks used Rory Cooney's  Psalm 40 for this week's psalm. You might want to consider it the next time it comes around.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the Archbishop of Manila, is a Catholic "rockstar" in his own right. You might want to check out his online series THE WORD EXPOSED that prepares folks each week for the Sunday scriptures.

***Oops! Forgot to include the link to the New York Times iOS article by Molly Wood that Joanne spoke of on the podcast. Sorry...but since it made you come back, could you please suggest our little podcast to others for their listening pleasure? We'd be very appreciative if you did. Thanks!

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