After a relaxing and restful week off, the gang is back and raring to go! They dive into the past weekend's scriptures and homilies with renewed vigor - and then turn up the heat as they debate their favorite subject - the current state of LITURGY! Uh oh! Grab your favorite cup of whatever, sit back and watch the sparks fly. Aren't you glad we're back? 

Sorry we went a little long this week - we will try and keep the podcast to an hour before we wear out our welcome. However - YOU could help us keep on track by supplying FEEDBACK and adding your voice to our discussions.  Scroll down to the Honorable Mentions to find the links.

Honorable Mentions

Crux is the Boston Globe's Catholic media site heading by noted Catholic reporter John L. Allen, Jr.  We're not sure how this site will factor in "covering all things Catholic" but it is worth a look. We'll keep our collective eye on it.

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