Ok, so last week was a washout (with all the panelists available and ready to go) and Joanne has done her "mea culpa" for the cancellation.  This week we're baaaaack with the dynamic duo of Linda and Joanne, who get into discussions about taking spiritual responsibility, the wonders of iOS 8 and new iPhone 6, drive by viewing at funeral homes and - get this - Rhode Island politics! Welcome back, friends! Grab that cup and settle back for an episode that is far from boring... ;)

Honorable Mentions

Fr. Robert Barron.  Word On Fire Sermons. You know the drill...

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For a completely different homily on this weekend's scriptures check out our friend the Concord Pastor Fr. Austin Fleming - we wish we had seen this before we recorded the episode because it would have been a blast to comment on. So what are you waiting for? Go take a look! 

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