And then there were two...Linda and Joanne are the Lone Ranger and Tonto (Linda's description - not Joanne's) this week as they take on the homilies for the Solemnity of the Exaltation of the Cross - an every so often Ordinary Time occurrence.  They also chat about the need for catechists in light of Catechetical Sunday (no matter when you celebrate it) and gush about their latest Apple acquisitions.  Grab your favorite cup, fill it to the brim and join us!   

Honorable Mentions

If you didn't celebration Catechetical Sunday this past weekend it may not too late to get your pastor to acknowledge it next weekend.  Go to the USCCB website and download their resource packet.

Fr. Robert Barron.  Word On Fire Sermons. You know the drill...

Check out all the tech goodness at the Apple Store online. While this is the upper end of the gadget world, their products last longer and their customer service is spot on.  

You can find all you need to know about next week's scriptures at Pat Reid's (Linda's hubby) blog. 

AuthorJoanne Mercier