Linda and Joanne welcome back Allison Gingras (Reconciled to You Ministries) for some spirited discussions on this past weekend's readings and homilies.  Listen/watch as they talk about a wealth of scripture passages for the 18th Ordinary Sunday, Bishop Coyne's new online musings, that pesky Sign of Peace and the need for FEEDBACK!!!  Grab your favorite cup (since Joanne forgot hers this week), sit back and enjoy this week's offering -- and SEND US FEEDBACK!!!

Honorable Mentions

Fr. Robert Baron...need we say more?

Bishop Christopher Coyne...check out his new musings and encourage him to keep it going after his vacation!

Fr. James Martin and The Jesuit Post will help you find you Inner Iggy!

CatholicTV's new app will be out this week. While we'll be checking it out for next week's episode,  go ahead and do so yourself...if you DARE!  ;)


***Programming note:  We will be taking a week off from recording at the end of August.  Let us know if you would like a "best of the podcast episode" OR if you think the other 3 should fly without the techie at the helm OR if we should just go dark.  You decide!



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