Wanna know what happen when Linda takes a weekend off from the podcast? The rest of the MMC crew train wrecks very easily when they should be discussing the scriptures of the day. However, lest you lose heart, the gang of three does manage to talk about the keys to the kingdom, new podcasts you might look into, helping friend-of-the-podcast Allison Gingras with her latest endeavor and, unfortunately, rants about the present state of church music.  Good thing we're taking a week off next Monday...

Speaking of which, there will be NO NEW EPISODE next Monday, September 1st (Labor Day in the US).  There may be a "best of" show...or a re-run of one of our "specials"...or nothing.  You'll have to wait and see.  So, for this week, grab your favorite cup of whatever and join us! Enjoy!


Honorable Mentions

Friend-of-the-podcast Allison Gingras needs some help getting her "Words with..." app series off the ground and funded.  If you haven't already downloaded the app "Words with Jesus" take a look at it - it's on iTunes and in the Google Play store.  If you really like it or are financially able, please check out her GoFundMe page and donate so she can get the next one up and running - for FREE! 

wordonfire.org has just undergone a complete revamp - go check them out (and you SHOULD subscribe to the weekly podcast, really you should...)

As heard in Joanne's rapid fire review, here are some podcasts she'd like to bring to your attention:

Beer with Geeks - no, these are not the Catholic Drinkie's long lost cousins but they are a couple of dudes sitting around drinking beer and waxing nostalgic about their 90's childhood. 1st episode had very heavy gaming/comic book references so if you're into that type of thing, or are that young, you will very likely enjoy their brand of podcasting. Check them out!

Geekpriest and The Break are two more shows from the folks at the Star Quest Production Network (home of Catholic Weekend) that you might want to look into if you are geeky or just enjoy pop culture through the eyes of a Catholic priest from the Netherlands.  Fr. Roderick Von Högen is your host for both of these fine shows and is a pioneer in Catholic podcasting.  Check out these and all the others on their network - there really is something for everyone there, Catholic or not!


AuthorJoanne Mercier