Ah, yes...the demon tech gremlins were out in full force for this week's podcast. Between Google+ having its own share of angst (from missing lower thirds to wonky camera switches) and Joanne's sound cart playing a disappearing act with some key clips, the gang held the episode together and didn't run too far off the rails. Thanks be to God! Don't forget to grab your favorite cup of whatever and come along as we discuss persistent women, holydays of opportunity, media manipulation and...wait for it...OUR VERY FIRST VOICE FEEDBACK!


Honorable Mentions

Important programing note! 

We will not be recording our regular weekly format for posting on Monday, September 1st (Labor Day) but will be issuing a special episode on Catholic Weddings. If you have any stories, comments or insights you'd like to share and have included in the discussion, please send them along to us as soon as possible.  Please use either our email address -- mondaymorningcatholic@gmail.com or call us (maybe) at the voice feedback line -- 774-955-0659.  

AuthorJoanne Mercier