There is NOTHING ordinary about a MMC podcast and this week's installment is no exception! Come join us as we talk about words in the Bible that can be problematic, washed out July 4th celebrations and the upcoming antics of some of our panelists as they prepare for the NPM convention next week. Will Joanne have anyone to discuss homilies with on Episode 031 or will she film her own rendition of "All By Myself?" You'll have to wait and see but until then, please grab a cup of your favorite brew and check out this week's offering.  Enjoy! 

We will be bringing you interviews and other interesting peeks at this year's National Association of Pastoral Musicians annual convention from St. Louis, MO. Watch this site and our Facebook page for more information as we get closer.

Also, Joanne will be trying a few experiments with Google+ hangouts this week and next.  Stay tuned to see how YOU can get in on the fun and mayhem. Again, watch this site and Facebook for more deets. 

And ---- beginning this week, audio AND video can NOW be found on our page! Huzzah! 

Honorable Mentions

As usual you can find good stuff from Fr. Robert Baron (@wordonfire) and Fr. Austin Fleming (@ConcordPastor) on their respective websites. Go there now! 

Our good friends Greg and Jennifer Willits, aka The Catholics Next Door, produced a fantastic video with downloadable handouts for the Archdiocese of Denver but that doesn't mean we can't use them as well! Check out the vid below and then go get the goods that go with them. And please remember to share them with others! 

Check out all the Psallite offerings that Linda not only talks about but uses in her own parish. They really are quite lovely and can be a worthy and worthwhile edition to your weekly or seasonal psalm selections.  

AuthorJoanne Mercier