The "3 Amigos" are back from their convention adventures in St. Louis so, along with Joanne's announcement of a new ministry position, it's a wonder we were able to discuss the past weekend's scriptures at all! Yes, the episode is on the long side and if you're not a pastoral musician you may not want to listen all the away to the end so grab a cup and listen/watch a little or a lot to this week's podcast. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions

If you haven't already seen our special series from the NPM Convention then scroll back down and give them a look! You'll be glad you did... =)

If you want to check out the convention app for yourself click here. We believe this type of app will be of great use to a wider audience so if you group would like something like it, contact Peter Brockmann at Digital Hermosa (and tell him Monday Morning Catholic sent you!). 

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