It's an all Rhode Islander podcast as the "3 Amigos" sit down with our talented RI composer at the NPM Convention in St. Louis.  We're grateful that they could take time from their hectic convention pace to chat about their diverse musical styles and ministries.  Grab your cup, fill it up and watch or listen to RI's own! 


You can find this podcast's interviewees on the Internet at the following sites:

Tom Kendzia - OCP - Christ the King Parish, Kingston, RI 

Gael Berberick - OCP - St. Barnabas Parish, Portsmouth, RI

Silvio Cuellar - St. Patrick's Parish, Providence, RI (sorry I got the wrong one on film - I TOLD you I'd be corrected...) and the link to the Hispanic Musician's Conference in October

AuthorJoanne Mercier